ALERT: Unpopular Opinion... I'm a better teacher for teaching online!

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 by Becky Reesor | From Becky

♡ Unpopular opinion: I am a better teacher for teaching online.

→ When our online learning world changed in 2020, I had no idea what had been missing from my teaching.

→ → At the heart of it, I am many times a better & more efficient communicator. I can’t point so I must precisely explain. I can’t manipulate a students’ technique so I must teach them how to feel it themselves. I can’t mark their scores so I must guide them through their own score analysis. All the while, building more independent learners and making myself a better teacher.

→ → → Also realities: Practice notes are more detailed and created interaction with students (I type & format infinitely faster/neater than I write). Students have many more workshops and performance events per session because it’s EASY & PRACTICAL to hop online and perform. Students develop intense listening & feedback skills via duets and hearing themselves on video.

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