Studio Vision & Values:

I wish for students to look at notes, chords or the piano and see music; for the piano to be “their instrument” and a means of self-expression.

I value (a) training musical and pianistic literacy (reading, rote, improv, technique, proprioception, theory), (b) making love of music forefront of everything we do, and (c) meeting students where they are at, enabling them to continually evolve in their music making.

I love music. My musical training has revolved around figuring out how to get the music in my head, out my fingers. Determined to keep digging until I found the answer, I've scratched away to understand how music is made & written; how it is a language in its own right; how my entire body is involved in music making & learning; how my psyche is involved when I record and perform; how my learning process is as strong as my learning strategy. 

It is my passion to share this life-long training journey with my students, and help them evolve from day one.

Let's grow your skillset, and grow your love for music!